Sunday, February 10, 2008

from Albert Banico

I heard you in your last radio program broadcast. * It was really very educational and i regret not attending the activities sponsored by Mayor Lim. ** Honestly, i was born and lived in Manila for almost 30 years and it was the reason why the city of manila is close to my heart.
I was very happy when i heard that there is a plan to erect monuments for Macario Sakay, Sulayman and Raja Matanda, In fact earlier last year i wrote an article in Filipino at "Tanod Dyario ng Bayan" regarding Macario Sakay.
I hope that in the future through the Manileno's and the NHI (National Historical Institute) as well as other historical societies , the students historical societies will witness the erection of a monument of our "other presidents" in the order of Sacay, Miguel Malvar, Artemio Ricarte, as well as those heroes of the Philippine-American War who did not sell their countrymen.
Let us not also forget those heroes in the literary and journalism profession who also fought side by side in the clamor for an immediate independence in 1900. And of course the womens Right to Vote movement; we can gather the help of the recent feminist movement in our society to realize this. God bless you!
(* My radio program "Krus na daan" is at DZRJ 810 khz AM band, from Monday to Friday at 5 - 6 pm. Mr. Banico must caught last Wednesday's broadcast ( 6 February). Wednesdays are dedicated to Philippine history and my regular guest is Prof. Jaime Veneracion of the UP Department of History.)

(** Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim revived the Manila Historical & Heritage Commission(MHHC) which organizes "tertulias", for students and history professors, once a month at the Museo ng Maynila (Army & Navy Club building, Luneta). The MHHC also arranges the commemoration of significant events like the birth of Gen. Macario Sakay and the 109th anniversary of the Philippine-American War.)

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