Friday, December 28, 2007

from Conrado Rigor

Hi Gemma,
Happy New year to you!
It's your fan from Seattle again who
wrote to you about old Ft. William McKinley.
I had forgotten to add that the exploiters
of that revered piece of land had mercilessly
taken out the centuries-old acacia trees that
had been the trademark of the old military reservation.
Those old trees, planted at the turn of the century,
had lined the long road known then as
MacArthur Avenue (where I grew up in)
in Ft. McKinley. The road extended all the way to
the millionaires' row in Forbes Park and was noted
for its shady, breezy lanes that lent so much
character to the place. It was on this road
that the cottages of Army officers and their
families were. In those days
(ask Senator Jun Magsaysay), our fathers
were professional soldiers who placed
God, country, honor, and integrity above all else.
How we miss those glorious days!
--Sluggo Rigor