Saturday, January 19, 2008

from Oscar Apostol

Dear Gemma:
Wallowing in what could and might have been is only good if it is a form of analysis with recommendations to correct the errors. A bandage approach won't even do.
It is good to see Roxas has the hindsight to highlight where the country erred or continue to err. Recognition of errors and mistakes is only good for the soul and nothing else. A mea culpa to a person is an epiphany, but to a country like ours where morality does not exist is nothing but dusts in the wind.
It is my hope that the work forces leaving the Philippines will return to the country with a more positive and can do attitude. Their exposure to a different environment, attitude and ways of doing things would be crucial for the country's building or rebuilding as the case may be.
I like what GMA (not a fan) is doing; talking about the economy. Our people should begin to relate and understand how it impacts the country and their way of life. The Masa has to get smarter, and start make good decisions and have better input to their destiny.
They are pretty much acting like lemmings, self destructing by electing the wrong people who rob them without blinking an eye. The Masa would never admit they have contributed to graft and corruption in the country.
Until the Filipino population becomes wiser, develops a plan of action to do what is right, imposes its influence to fight for an honest run country the status quo remains.
I trust you and your family had the best of time during the holidays. A peaceful, productive and healthy new year to you. Looking forward to reading more nuggets from you this year.
Thank you for a very interesting year,
(Roseville, Ca. USA)