Monday, January 28, 2008

from Ronald Ravelo

I' ve read your article regarding Philippine air transport being downgraded.
It is concise on the facts that were stated. We citizens should abide by all the rules that are mandated for our own safety. We should not by any means set aside measures meant for our own safety. This issue is not only encountered in aviation transport but also in our day- to- day transport.

As we traverse roads leading to our work, schools, or other venues , you'll notice the cramped situation in our PUV's (e.g. Jeepneys and Busses); people are hanging from the rear side just in order to reach their destination.There are even instances when these commuters put in peril their children and companions who sit on their laps at the far end of these transports, not even giving any consideration to the youths safety.

Laws were passed and some responsible drivers warn these individuals to refrain form their actions, but no effect.

people are at fault and they just blame the government for their demeanor. we as citizen should realize that our safety starts form our own selfs. although laws and ordinances are passed for our safety it need not be reminded to us through law enforcers nor should it be set aside.

i just hope that we as citizen of this country be responsible enough to act for our own self and not just let this burden be carried by our government. let as act as one promote a better sense of responsibility for our country and countryman's sake