Thursday, May 13, 2010

Faith restored

Against blatant lies, against shameless back-stabbing against insidious sabotage, against contemptuous disloyalty, against profligate and nauseating vote-buying, against the severe dictates of organized pressure groups, against all unthinkable cruel odds, Alfredo S. Lim won another term as Mayor of Manila.

That restored my faith in human nature and more importantly in the Filipino. How could a mayor like Alfredo S. Lim lose? He is so indisputably focused on addressing the basic needs of Manilenos. He judiciously disburses taxpayers' money on free hospitals, doctors, medicines, health centers, and a fully equipped "Health on Wheels" trailer that serves depressed communities. He gives much-needed "womb to tomb" care.

Life has taught MayorLim to uphold education as the greatest equalizer, so he makes sure there are institutions where education is given free to deserving students. He also inculcates an awareness of history and culture, pride of country in the young. I have not even touched on the rule of law and livelihood.

Evidently, during the May 2010 elections, Manilenos rallied behind their sitting mayor and together we overcame all those insurmountable odds mentioned in the first paragraph. Moreover, with a young charismatic and respectful vice-mayor, Francisco Domagoso, by his side, the most malevolent political foe is now biting dust.

Indeed, God never sleeps and there is hope for the Filipino voters.

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gemma cruz araneta said...

Hi Gemma,
I am with you regarding your article "Nagging Noynoy". I would add that most of the nagging issue in my opinion is the decline of the quality of our education. If we address this first we have a good chance of addressing our socioeconomic problems. a better educated Filipino will hold off other vices (eg smoking, take care of his health, take care of his nutrition and environment) and unplanned parenthood among a few.Education is like preventing cancer from happening.

The second is the decline of Filipino health. the high prevalence of diabetes is quite alarming. What we put in our mouths--definitely, can be traced to what is taught in school and at home.

Noynoy and the Pinoy should both be nagged!

Carmela Benson