Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nagging Noynoy

I wonder if President Corazon Aquino ever nagged her only son about smoking, a thoughtless, harmful and expensive vice. If she did, she must have given up for he evidently never took heed. At fifty, he is no cold turkey and seems hopelessly addicted to nicotine.

Be that as it may, let us not badger the president-apparent about his chain-smoking because there are graver matters, more life-threatening, about which we should ceaselessly nag him, until he succumbs to our collective clamoring.

No, he should not make the prosecution of newly-elected Congresswoman Gloria M. arroyo a doggedly personal quest; that could turn out to be such a waste of time and energy. There are special courts and credible committees that can handle investigations and vastly improve what his late and lamented mother tried to do during her own presidency.

I most definitely plan to nag Noynoy about three things, for the meantime--food (in)security, the screaming cost of energy and slow death by debt strangulation. There are other nag-points like education , but, in my unsolicited opinion, those three are the most crucial to national survival.

Like malignant tumors, these socio-economic cancers have metastasized and curing them will inevitably cause the president- apparent a lot of tension and stress. So, let him be! Don't nag him yet about the vice he can no longer keep a secret; we can do that later.

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