Wednesday, April 23, 2008

from Arnold Arnaiz

I have written countless emails and made phone calls
to try to save what was left of the school where Rizal
was first formally educated. Unfortunately none have
been answered and as time goes by its condition has
deteriorated all the more. A friend who reads your blog
referred me to you. I pray that you can be of some
assistance knowing that we share your passion about
our nation's history.

The place where Maestro Cruz taught Pepe the basics of
elementary studies at age 9 in Binan Laguna has been left
to decay, the foundations has fallen to the ground - what
remains now I assume are lumbers waiting to be disposed.

I have been traumatized by this experience that I have
decided to create a blog and called out some friends who
would be willing to help, as you can imagine this is not an
easy task for someone without connections.

What remains of the small kubo is still there, I'm very sure
that it won't be there forever. At this point the kubo
has been completely levelled its material being lumber
and nipa made it worst, I was thinking that maybe the
reason people don't hear me out is because they've felt
that 'it cant be helped' but I feel we can still do something
with what remains of the school.

Your thoughts?

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Louise Arcega Aniceta - Behan said...

Believe it or not, in my 35 years, as my family is from Binan, I have not seen this place in close-up.

Only when I'm in a bus, (and it always pass by there) that I see the top of the small nipa which had been Rizal's school when he was 9.

Indeed, it's a call to the municipal officials of Binan to restore the glory of the historic place.

My cousins from the Cruz family are also from Rizal's youngest sister, Concepcion's clan.