Wednesday, April 23, 2008

from Laurence T.Gayao, MD

I have read your thought- provoking articles all these years and thank you
for the nationalistic insights, above the political forays of our self serving
leaders. I have often wondered why multinational
corporations don't invest in Philippines as much as in Japan, Korea,
and Japan? I would think that we have the man power, who are
well- educated, English -speaking and motivated to work. I don't know
how true it is that Philippine law requires that a corporation to operate
in the Philippines it has to be 60% owned by Pilipinos and be headed
by a Pilipino. Tell me who in their right minds would invest billions of
dollars and have some body else have the controlling interest. much
more run it. In Japan, Korea, and China they are more investment friendly
they realized that multinational corporations have the capital and have
already marking network to sell their products.

United States the largest economy has several corporations owned by
different nationalities. Sony corporation is a good example they own
Sony entertainment which controls Hollywood movies, music productions
and distribution world wide. Many Japanese car companies have
manufacturing plants scattered around USA giving jobs to thousand of
Americans. Why could this not be done in the Philippines? More
employment and greater tax base, this is a no brainer.

Our leaders should have an understanding of the global economy to
stop our brain drain. Not just say "Mabuhay ang Pilipino" but
do something upang mabubuhay ang ating kapwa Pilipino.
(Mansfield, Texas)

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