Saturday, August 2, 2008

Katipunan roster

> Jose Turiano Santiago was assigned to set up a balangay
> in the San Jose de Trozo area while Restituto Javier
> recruited members in Santa Cruz and Faustino Manalac, in
> Binundok ( now Binondo). Julian Nepomuceno, alias Digma, was
> head of balangay “Laonglaan” ( a pen name of Jose
> Rizal). Tomas Alup Remigio and Rafael Gutierrez established
> the Sanguniang Bayan “Mahiganti”. Katipuneros Genaro
> Reyes, Rogelio Borja, Onofre Ramos operated in Mandaluyong.
> Licerio Geronimo headed the Katipunan branch (sangay) in
> Montalban. He later became a general of the Revolutionary
> Army and the First Republic which he defended valiantly
> during the Philippine-American War. Gen. Geronimo ambushed
> and shot the American General Lawton who was known to have
> captured American Indian Chief Geronimo , also by a river.
> Julian de Jesus spread the teachings of the KKK in
> Montalban while Tomas A. Susano was the KKK advocate in
> Novaliches. Pedro Sevilla was KKK agente especial (special
> agent) in Kalookan, Lorenzo Lupa headed the Katipunan
> sector in Sampalukan (now Sampaloc) and Kalookan with Andres
> Bato. Apolonio Samson established the Sangguniang Bayan ng
> Katipunan (town council) in Malabon while Severino Roxas
> headed the Balangay “Matitigan” (barangay) and Gregorio
> Coronel the Katipunan branch in Malabon.
> Canuto Celestino was also agente especial in Nabota
> (now Navotas) while Silvestre Pascual a.k.a Pam Beteng was
> head of the Katupunan in the same place.. Vicente Gomez
> spread the teachings of the Katipunan in Marikina while
> Hermogenes Bautista was setting up a sangay (branch). .
> Ignacio de la Paz, Paterno Carlos and Celestino Teodoro
> conducted initiation rights at Barangka and Mandaluyong.
> Fernrando Angeles was agente especial in Morong while
> Adriano San Jose was setting up a branch . Felipe Gomez was
> also agente especial but in Pasig where Eulalio Santiago was
> head of balangay. Eusesbio Aspilleda was agente especial in
> San Pedro Makati and his counterparat in Pasay was Pacual
> Villanueva. Patricio Bernabe and Santiago Inquimboy were
> agentes espseciales in Palanyag or ParaƱaque.
> Sabas de Guzman was head of balangay in Palanyag while
> Mariano Dalandan and Valentin Dumalang, Adriano Agot were
> agentes especiales in Las Pinas , Antipolo and Baras,
> respectively. Other agentes especiales were Jose Inares of
> Binagonan, Nazario Crisostomo of Boso-boso, Exequiel Ampil
> of Kainta, Agustin Eustacio of Caradona, Isidro Pascual of
> Jalajala and Rufiino Melendres of Pililla .
> Quiapo also had an agente especial in the person of
> Cipriano Siga. Adausto Ocampo was agente especial in Taytay,
> Rafael Marigona in Teresa, Nicasio Manao and Gregorio Salva
> in Pateros . Urbano Caraballo and Tomas Montillano
> distributed revolutionary pamphlets against the abuses of
> Spanish friars in San Pedro Makati and Muntinlupa.
> Needless to say, there were more than forty-five
> Katipuneros ; more names will be published next week.

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