Sunday, March 23, 2008

from js(doebrook)

After reading your article I want to respond about the Koreans.
I cannot believe Filipinos are giving preferential treatments to Koreans after all the brutalities they have done during the war in the Philiipines.
Now the Koreans are here in our country investing in small businesses, prospering and again abusing the Filipinos.
But does our Philippine government as well as the Filipinos know the Koreans? After the 2nd World war, Korea and Taiwan both colonies of the Japanese Empire were placed under the mandate of the United Nations. I am not going into details of the separation.
I was 16 years old when the Japanese Army invaded the Philippines in December 8, 1941.
In 1942, I joined an American guerrilla force operating in Bulacan Military Area. The Koreans and Taiwanese in the Japanese Army were only permitted to carry bayonets without a rifle. The raping and abuses of the Filipinos were mostly done by these Japanese soldiers armed with bayonets. In my experience during the war the atrocities done by the Japanese Army were committed by the Koreans and Taiwanese who were also abused and ill- fed by their Japanese colonizers.

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