Sunday, March 23, 2008

from Lydia M. Padilla-Rinne

TERVE from Finland, meaning Mahuhay to you!!!

I read your article on Hannibal Lim through website.
A member whose pseudonym is "ZA4TEZA" has been
keen and kind to forward some of your articles.

Thank you so much for your insight and giving
us more knowledge of the past which in my
high school days we did not know about.This is
part of my everyday learning,as my mother
Aurelia said:I should learn something everyday
by reading or listenening to experiences of other

Keep up the good work of enlightening us with
your articles and writings.GODs blessings on
you and your loveones,especially your
parents,hoping they are still alive.
with Love & Prayers
Lydia Padilla-Rinne & mother Aurelia
Manila High School BATCH 1962

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