Sunday, March 23, 2008

my reply

Dear Mr. Ellett, Sr.,

There were indeed other Cebu Pacific counters that
were closed and Mr. Jeweish Batiduan did take the
Koreans to other counters, as I had mentioned in my
article, BUT, only after I had called his attention.
He brought them to counter 20 which was closed and
unattended and then to counter 26 which was at the
extreme end of the line of counters and eventually
opened for Laoag, which was why I caught up with him.

In my opinion, it is as simple as "first come,first
serve" and if you have to attend to an impatient
group, for efficiency's sake do open another counter,
by all means. It's commonsense , isn't it? ( Am not
even saying common courtesy as that has become a very
rare commodity.)

Have a glorious Easter.

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