Sunday, March 23, 2008

from Ken Ellett, Sr.

Jewish Romulo C Batiduan was just probably doing what his management and owners have told him to do. So any criticism needs to be directed to the owners and not him. Those stepping in front of you are probably regular group agents that are there every day. Normally airlines have a separate window for them. They bring many customers to the line and actually reduce a line length from the many that they serve from standing in line with you..

It is probably that there is a lack of windows available that the group agents are pulled in front of you. This is a basic airline management problem that they need to recognize and find a solution to. You are certainly not the only one that is disturbed with this practice with this airline. It is a shame that their management do not realize that all the good things that they try to build for the line is eroded by this practice that gives you a poor view of them. Experiences like this live on far beyond any good that the airline can do

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